The evolving digital signage industry

Digital signage is an ever evolving form of communication. Digital screens present clear messages to the public concisely and reliably. While the oldest form of digital signage was VCRs connected to screens, this soon became VHS videotapes and developed shortly after to DVDs . Following this, the modern signage industry progressed to carrying content on a USB stick. By plugging the USB into a screen, the portable content displays to the passing audience.

But a USB stick has drawbacks. Users of this form of DIY digital signage experience a compromised content quality and very time consuming updating process, requiring travelling to collect the USB. A USB also lacks scheduling functionality and many more features now available in modern digital signage.

In recent years, technological developments have revolutionised the practicality of visual display technology. A user can now control a sizable screen network from anywhere due to cloud-based software, increasing digital signage popularity.

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