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I wanted to take a minute to thank you and compliment the TVM system and team.  
Seems like a great product and will help promote our business in our bars.  
Your install team was very professional, clean and swift.  
Personally, you were very impressive to me how you pursued our locations at showed me the benefits of TVM.  

Also, you taking the time to show me how to program the system and taking your own time to help me was much appreciated and above and beyond.  

Thanks again, looking forward to a long relationship.


Bob Karas / The Village Squire/Rookies/Alexanders Cafe
Restaurant Group

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I have been looking for an all-in-one AD TV solution for years, and I will admit that
when I initially came across TVM Media I was a bit skeptical.

However, their sales representative, Anthony, took the time to explain all the features to me including
the fact that there would be no upfront fee or monthly costs involved.

​After our conversation I was completely convinced, so I signed up.

Since that first call, I have found TVM sales, installation team, and support to be professional, accessible, and timely.

Prior to this I had been using self-made solutions to complete displays like TVM PLAY but found it to be too much work to keep them updated and running.

Having TVM PLAY displays at our locations has freed up my time and no longer requires me to spend hours troubleshooting and rebooting displays.

Kevin K / R.Salerno Restaurant Group

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10 out of 10

Excellent Software Product

Ease of use, very user friendly . Great Tool!

I can't say a bad word about it

Donal Jones/Paddy Whacks Welsh Rd & Paddy Whacks South Street